Meet the 2014 Bakken Invitation Honorees

The honorees for the 2014 Bakken Invitation Award represent what it means to Live On. Give On. These 10 people exemplify making a difference with their "extra life." Each story demonstrates the will of the human spirit to overcome adversity, commit to giving back, and have a positive impact on other people’s lives.

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Congratulations 2014
Bakken Invitation Honorees!

Earl Bakken welcomed the 10 honorees and their guests to the Big Island of Hawaii in recognition of how each honoree, with the help of medical technology, has selflessly given back to their community.

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Jennifer Jones

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Jennifer Jones


Share your story with us, and show the world how you are making a difference. For every story, Medtronic Philanthropy will donate $10 to Project HOPE.
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Earl Bakken

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We are now accepting applications for the 2015 Bakken Invitation Award.

The Inspiration

Earl Bakken’s Legacy of Giving

“What Are You Doing With Your Extra Life?”

Earl Bakken co-founded Medtronic, Inc. in 1949, helping countless people Live On through medical technology, including himself. But outside of Earl's work with Medtronic lies a lifetime of philanthropy and involvement within education, healthcare and community.

Earl often asked patients what they planned to do with their gift of extra life. His question is the inspiration behind this extraordinary program, and now he invites you to share your stories as a way to inspire other medical devices recipients to Give On with their extra life.

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